January 29, 2017

It takes carefulness in choosing health insurance because it is a long term contract. The average duration of an insurance policy contract starts from 5-12 years. If you do not continue the policy contract within the timeframe, the risks you can face are the loss of premiums paid up to the difficulties in disbursing the funds. Health Insurance According to Age, You certainly do not want to stop in the middle of the road because suddenly feel the benefits are less than the maximum. Therefore, you should first understand the needs that fit your age category.

Single Protection, No Deposit Fees: Single period is the most fun. You have the freedom and no need to bother thinking about the responsibilities as when you have a family. But it just makes you forget that the dependents are not only valid when you are married. Deposits for singles may include installments such as credit card payments, mortgages for future homes, vehicle loans, and more. Read: Pure Health Insurance

Imagine if you suddenly sick or have an accident while traveling and should be hospitalized. How much should you spend? While there are still other installments to be paid. At times like this, you are still single need to protect themselves with Health Insurance and Life Insurance. In order not to bother to have two different insurance policies, you simply take health insurance that comes with an accident guarantee. So, you can get the benefits of inpatient insurance as well as personal accident. The way the claims, especially those using the reimburse system, is even easier because of an insurance package.

As your family automatically increases your needs, especially for the head of the family who is in charge of earning a living. For newly married couples, insurance is one way to provide protection to families. The importance of having insurance for the family not only as a form of protection against loved ones. But also as a family financial planning. Thus, if unexpected events occur, family finances remain stable and unchanged. Read: How To Claim Reimburse Insurance

Protection options for families vary. All you have to notice is the difference in benefits offered. In addition to reimbursement of inpatient, outpatient, ICU, to surgery costs, find out if there is any special discount for family member registration. Some insurers usually provide premium deductions for you who enroll family members, thus saving the family financially.

Liver Fruit Protection, Parents must always want the best for their child. Not only attention, love, and affection should be given, but also provide the right protection. Many cases of children who eventually died from contracting dengue fever. For that, you can prepare a special insurance for certain diseases such as ACA Dengue Insurance.

The premium given is very cheap, ranging from Rp10 thousand per three months to Rp50 thousand per year. While the age of children who can be included in this insurance start from six months. See also: Plan Education Funds for the New School Year. There are two important types of protection your child has. In addition to health protection, education insurance must also be for its future guarantee.

The cost of education that always goes up every year makes you have to think carefully about the future of your child later. By having educational insurance, you can prepare the future of children with more focused to reach their goals. Preparation of this educational insurance you can choose when the child has entered the age of 1 year. Unfortunately, it is rare that even there is no insurance that combines the two types of protection. So you have to set it up separately.

As the years go on, the ages will grow older and the health of the elderly slowly decreases. It used to be the parent who guarded us as a child, now it's time to take care of your parents by giving them health protection. In choosing health insurance for parents, it is not the same as choosing health insurance for yourself or children. Therefore, parents have health conditions that are weaker.

First of all, you should take note of your parents' health history first. After that, look for insurance with a maximum age limit of longer. You need to know, almost all insurance has a maximum age limit for policyholders. The average ranges from 50 to 70 years. Now you already know  insurance which you will choose. Do not forget to always get to know better your current condition and requirement. That way, surely the insurance that you will choose to be more targeted and the benefits gained so much more.