Sunday, January 29, 2017

Health Insurance According to Age

It takes carefulness in choosing health insurance because it is a long term contract. The average duration of an insurance policy contract starts from 5-12 years. If you do not continue the policy contract within the timeframe, the risks you can face are the loss of premiums paid up to the difficulties in disbursing the funds. Health Insurance According to Age, You certainly do not want to stop in the middle of the road because suddenly feel the benefits are less than the maximum. Therefore, you should first understand the needs that fit your age category.

Single Protection, No Deposit Fees: Single period is the most fun. You have the freedom and no need to bother thinking about the responsibilities as when you have a family. But it just makes you forget that the dependents are not only valid when you are married. Deposits for singles may include installments such as credit card payments, mortgages for future homes, vehicle loans, and more. Read: Pure Health Insurance

Imagine if you suddenly sick or have an accident while traveling and should be hospitalized. How much should you spend? While there are still other installments to be paid. At times like this, you are still single need to protect themselves with Health Insurance and Life Insurance. In order not to bother to have two different insurance policies, you simply take health insurance that comes with an accident guarantee. So, you can get the benefits of inpatient insurance as well as personal accident. The way the claims, especially those using the reimburse system, is even easier because of an insurance package.

As your family automatically increases your needs, especially for the head of the family who is in charge of earning a living. For newly married couples, insurance is one way to provide protection to families. The importance of having insurance for the family not only as a form of protection against loved ones. But also as a family financial planning. Thus, if unexpected events occur, family finances remain stable and unchanged. Read: How To Claim Reimburse Insurance

Protection options for families vary. All you have to notice is the difference in benefits offered. In addition to reimbursement of inpatient, outpatient, ICU, to surgery costs, find out if there is any special discount for family member registration. Some insurers usually provide premium deductions for you who enroll family members, thus saving the family financially.

Liver Fruit Protection, Parents must always want the best for their child. Not only attention, love, and affection should be given, but also provide the right protection. Many cases of children who eventually died from contracting dengue fever. For that, you can prepare a special insurance for certain diseases such as ACA Dengue Insurance.

The premium given is very cheap, ranging from Rp10 thousand per three months to Rp50 thousand per year. While the age of children who can be included in this insurance start from six months. See also: Plan Education Funds for the New School Year. There are two important types of protection your child has. In addition to health protection, education insurance must also be for its future guarantee.

The cost of education that always goes up every year makes you have to think carefully about the future of your child later. By having educational insurance, you can prepare the future of children with more focused to reach their goals. Preparation of this educational insurance you can choose when the child has entered the age of 1 year. Unfortunately, it is rare that even there is no insurance that combines the two types of protection. So you have to set it up separately.

As the years go on, the ages will grow older and the health of the elderly slowly decreases. It used to be the parent who guarded us as a child, now it's time to take care of your parents by giving them health protection. In choosing health insurance for parents, it is not the same as choosing health insurance for yourself or children. Therefore, parents have health conditions that are weaker.

First of all, you should take note of your parents' health history first. After that, look for insurance with a maximum age limit of longer. You need to know, almost all insurance has a maximum age limit for policyholders. The average ranges from 50 to 70 years. Now you already know  insurance which you will choose. Do not forget to always get to know better your current condition and requirement. That way, surely the insurance that you will choose to be more targeted and the benefits gained so much more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pure Health Insurance

Given the number of new viruses that appear, of course you should further increase the protection of health. Starting from consuming a cleaner and nutritious food to protect with pure health insurance. Pain or other risks, certainly not predictable by humans. The reason that makes people choose health insurance as a financial protection. For example, you suddenly get sick but have no reserve fund. This is where the role of health insurance that provides coverage of the hospital during your treatment. So, how much the cost of the hospital, if appropriate health insurance policy will be covered. So that you are not wrong in choosing, here are the differences from pure health insurance and who invest.

Purpose of pure health insurance is a form of guarantee or protection of health listed on the policy. If you buy this type, of course this is not an investment tool because it is only a special guarantee for your health. This insurance program is an annual program. That is, if you feel comfortable and fit, of course you can continue and extend, but if marasa not same you can dismiss this insurance service when the validity period is up. There is no other plus even money that is saving. So, the premium cost you pay per month just to guarantee the health just not as an investment. Read: How to Choose The Best Health Insurance

The advantages of this pure health insurance, the policy period or guarantee you get are annual so you can decide for yourself to continue or stop the insurance. Surely that you can choose if the time the policy is already out yes. In addition, this type also has a fairly low premium and is very suitable for you who have a mediocre income, but want to have insurance. Besides the advantages, of course there are drawbacks as well. Disadvantages of this type, namely due to the policy period that is annual nature, so that the insurance company has the right not to renew the insurance. This would be a loss for you if suddenly suffering from chronic diseases that have a big risk impact for yourself. If in the event your policy is not approved, then you have to pay the entire cost of the disease itself without any guarantee from the insurance company. Read: Health Insurance Risk

Health Insurance Invest, In accordance with the name of the program, of course, this type of insurance provides your opportunity to save and earn more benefits. In addition to guaranteeing your health, of course there is some money that you can melt later for the cost of old age. The majority of people who buy insurance are more interested in the existing programs ainvestasinya like this. Just like pure health insurance, this type also has an advantage, that is, the long-term poris period is in line with life insurance protection. In addition, this health and investment insurance provides full protection and indirectly ensures life in your old days. Behind the advantages there are also shortcomings, namely the premium cost is quite expensive.

Lots of benefits provided health insurance to protect themselves. Whether you are experiencing a declining health condition or other health risks. Apparently, there are many types of health insurance with various benefits in it. However, you should also know what are the options for reimbursement of health insurance costs based on the costs covered. Based on the costs incurred by the insurance company, health insurance can be classified into two groups, namely:

This type of health insurance usually will bear all the health costs of the insured. From the start of the cost of hospitalization to the cost of outpatient all will be covered by the insurance company. Of course with the amount of value in accordance with the contract stated on the insurance policy. This type of health insurance covers only the cost of care that is considered large. Like inpatient costs, operating expenses, etc. For small fees such as diagnostic fees, advanced inspection fees, will be paid by the insured personally. Based on the parties covered, health insurance products can be classified into two types, namely: Personal Health Insurance Products, This health insurance product only provides health risk protection benefits for one person only. This is in accordance with the provisions in force in its insurance policy.

Group Health Insurance Products, This insurance product can provide health risk protection for certain groups. This type of insurance is usually used by companies and families. In practice, although group health insurance products can provide wider protection. However, if calculated in total then the amount of premium costs to be incurred tend to be much cheaper.

Many of you who would be tempted to hear double claim health insurance. In general, the understanding of the double claim of existing health, ie you can make claims more than once if you have a different health insurance. In fact, it's not like that. Double claim health insurance here gives you additional compensation as a result of the risk experienced if the primary or first health insurance company can not provide full compensation. So, the remaining losses not covered by the first company, will be replaced by the second insurance company.

Intent of Double Claim Health Insurance, For example, you spend Rp10,000,000 hospital costs for 7 days of hospitalization. If the firstcompany can bear all the costs, of course you will not get a replacement with the same amount of the second insurance company. Why is that? This has become the basis principle that insurance is not used as a place for profit, but provides a means to indemnify.

So if you have two policies from a different company, but one insurance company can not give full compensation, the rest of your losses will be covered by the second company. For example, hospital costs are Rp10,000,000 for 7 days of hospitalization. But the main insurance company can only cover Rp7,000,000 from the total bill. Well, referred to the double claim of this health insurance, the second company will provide the rest of the compensation that is not covered by the main insurance company, namely Rp.3.000.000.

Claim Double Process Health Insurance, There are several documents you should prepare for double claim health insurance, such as the following. The details of the costs are receipts that have not been covered by the main company. Photocopy of receipts from the total cost. Medical resume from doctor. Laboratory results related to medical history. Health insurance application form. If the documents are ready, you can immediately make a claim to your second insurance.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

How to Choose The Best Health Insurance

One of the best ways to anticipate the unexpected costs of various health risks is to purchase health insurance products. Currently health insurance products can be obtained quite easily. Price and the amount of the premium is relatively affordable. Unfortunately, due to the large number of companies. Sometimes some people get confused in determining which health insurance products they will buy. The reason, all available offer various advantages and disadvantages of each - each. The question is, how to choose the best health insurance? Well, before knowing what are the best health insurance product criteria. It's good you understand the definition of health insurance first.

Health insurance is an insurance product that is intended to protect its users from the impact of costs arising from various health risks. If, the holder of the insurance policy has an accident or any disease and must be hospitalized. Thus, all or part of the cost of care and treatment will be borne by the company. The amount of their own expense, will be adjusted to the agreement stated in the insurance policy. The best health insurance criteria may vary for one person with another. However, the majority of its ordinary financial planners will recommend the following when choosing a health insurance product:

Provide Non-Cash Payment System, Non-cash payment system will greatly facilitate you in making insurance claims. Whenever you enter (hospitalized), you do not need to spend any cash at all. Simply by swiping your insurance card only. This is different from the insurance reimbursement claim system which you later will have to bail your medical expenses first. Then just submit a reimbursement to the insurance company. Unfortunately, the insurance claims system with cashless method can only be used in hospitals that work with companies only. So if your hospital does not work with the company where you buy health insurance. So, inevitably you have to bail the cost first to then finish it with reimbursement system. Read: Best Insurance Product

Premiums Should Be Adjusted to Ability, If the premium you pay is small, then automatically the insurance coverage that you will get will also be small. If at any time you should be hospitalized in hospital for a long time. Inevitably you have to bear the cost that is not covered by your insurance ceiling. Well so that it does not happen, you have to plan all of it well. Make a calculation of the amount of ceiling you need, then talk to the insurance company you want to use. In addition, do not forget also to participate in adjusting the amount of premium with your financial ability. Do not get just because you want to get insurance with the value of your high dependents so forget about your financial health.

Although this seems trivial, in practice to determine the amount of premium limit that you have to pay every month is not easy. In determining a room for example, you might choose a nice and comfortable room. So choose expensive insurance products berpremi. But back again, the best health insurance is a health insurance that fits your "needs and abilities". Read: Health Insurance Claim

Each health insurance all have a limit or a limited ceiling. However, in practice, there are two types of limits that apply to insurance products. That is total coverage limit and limit per treatment. Of the two types of limits, the type of total coverage limit is likely to be more profitable for the insured. Why is it more profitable? Because if the insured later experienced a certain disease that requires him to pay large maintenance costs. So the cost of his treatment will be covered by the insurance ceiling.

This is different from the limit system per treatment. This type of limit will limit the operating costs of 10 million per year, the cost of hospitalization by 20 million per year, consultation fees of 10 million per year. Well, if you later experience a certain disease and must be hospitalized in hospital with hospitalization costs more than 20 million. You have to cover the rest of the costs yourself. Therefore, as much as possible choose a health insurance product that does not apply the system per care limit.

Normal health costs include two types of costs, namely the cost of inpatient and outpatient costs. Because the cost of hospitalization tends to be greater, then priority is the insurance product have the value of large hospitalization. If you later have more money, you just buy extra outpatient insurance only. So the insurance coverage you have will be more complete. Note the Waiting Period of Disease Some health insurance products that exist at this time to impose the system of waiting period of disease. This system requires the insured to wait for a certain period of time. Before the end, he can claim a fee for the treatment of the disease.

Some types of diseases that are imposed by the waiting system are: tuberculosis, kidney stones, high blood pressure, vertigo, diabetes, etc. In some insurance companies, waiting times that apply to some types of diseases can reach 12 months. Meaning, if you experience all the disease before your insurance policy is 12 months old, then the cost of treatment for the disease will not be borne by the  company. So from that, when buying insurance products, consider the waiting period of the disease imposed by the insurance company. As much as possible choose the product that has a short waiting period.

Pure Health Insurance, If possible as much as possible choose is a type of stand-alone health aka pure health insurance. In addition, avoid any type of unit-link life insurance. Why? Because pure health insurance products tend to have cheaper premium costs compared to unit-linked life insurance products. The reason is clear enough. In unit-link life insurance, the premium you pay will be divided into three, namely for life insurance, for investment and for health. The impact, the portion of the cost of premiums for health insurance becomes smaller.

If you want to get a high ceiling, then automatically you have to pay a premium fee is much more expensive. On the other hand, when you buy a unit-linked life insurance. Automatically you will be charged with a variety of discounts that amount is not small. The result, the portion of the premium costs devoted to health insurance was the end of it became increasingly kecil. This is much different from the system of pure health insurance where all the premium is aimed at full for health insurance. In addition, the discounted fees charged for pure health insurance also tend to be cheaper. Providing Multiple Option Payments The best health insurance scheme should be easy for users to access. This convenience should include everything related to the product, including one of which is a payment option. To be sure to choose a health insurance product that offers convenience in the payment process.

However, you also need to be vigilant, especially if you want to use the system of payment by auto debit system using a credit card.Pasalnya, in some cases found the incident where monthly premiums are still withdrawn even though the insured party has been unsubscribed. Or it could have already made payments through other payment mechanisms. In practice, things like this are relatively easy to complete, but in the process will take a lot of manpower. Credible Insurance Companies The majority of insurance companies in Indonesia are big enough insurance companies worldwide. Unfortunately his big name and global operational reach can not be used as a benchmark of the credibility of the company. In fact, there are currently many hospitals that refuse payment using cashless method from certain insurance companies.

By reason of the difficulty of filing a claim, even though the insurance company is a large company. Well, then, as much as possible choose is the health insurance products of companies are really credible. Ask and discuss with people who have already used health products. This may be very helpful and facilitate you in choosing a credible insurance company. Have Clear Rules and Procedures The best health insurance should have clear rules and procedures. In this case, the insurance company should duly describe in detail. Any thing related to the health insurance product they issue. Do not until when you filed an insurance claim the issuing company refused your claim. With various reasons and procedures unmet requirements.Therefore, as much as possible buy an insurance product that has clear rules and procedures. If still not clear, do not hesitate to ask the team of companies about all rules and procedures applicable tersebut.Beli With Cold Head Currently, the offer of insurance products have been run using a lot of media. From start to phone to online insurance.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Best Insurance Product

As a beginner, of course choose the best insurance product needs a mature knowledge. Maybe later you will be faced by a wide selection of products and insurance agents who compete to offer with benefits or profits are abundant. Very humane if in the end you will choose an insurance agent that will provide many benefits for you. However, not a few insurance agents that only promise sale but the reality is not like what is promised. There are many things you will not actually get. Surely this will hurt you once. Therefore, to avoid the things that are not desirable, as a layman who is not so understand about insurance, you have a lot to find out first, what is insurance, how to buy it, the benefits you get, and so forth. To deeper what you have to do, here's the review.

Understand the Basic Principles, As mentioned above, you should really understand the basic principles before buying insurance. Because this is very important. Not just as knowledge alone but for decision making later. In general, there are two basic types of life insurance in Indonesia, namely term life insurance and life insurance. Understanding of term insurance is an insurance policy that is only used in certain periods with a fairly low cost. The time lag is usually based on the customer itself based on the terms of each insurance company. Suppose you want to take a period of 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years. Read: Health Insurance According to Age

As for life insurance, the type of insurance policy that will provide lifelong protection, meaning your soul will be protected during life to death. However, for the cost of the premium is certainly much more expensive than term insurance warsa.

Company Trace Record, To ensure that the insurance company is the best and is good. You must also be smart in observing the company's track record. Not only from the reviews of the customers who are already merged, but you should also note that the company was already recognized or monitored by an institution. In Indonesia, the agency that controls and oversees the financial services industry in Indonesia is the OJK (Financial Services Authority). Well, for this track record, still very minimal insurance companies and brokers who register themselves to OJK. To find out which insurance companies are already registered and supervised by OJK, you can check on the website page. Read: Considerations When Choosing Health Insurance

Customize Needs, Choosing the type of insurance products or choose a provider of insurance companies must be tailored to the needs of each. If you want to have a mortgage or meet children's education to a high level, then choose term life insurance. However, if you want full financing for your child or your spouse for the rest of your life, then choose a whole life insurance.

Wise In Judging, For those of you who expect insurance benefits, you should not compare the value of insurance with cash. Simply think of insurance benefits as the best solution at the worst time of your life. So even if you die, there will be no financial problems that disturb the family.

Calculate Insurance Value, It is important for you to calculate the value of the insurance you have. Calculate your insurance target. In addition, do not forget to record your name and insurance address. So also with the policy number, the value of death benefit, data of the heirs, the name of the insurance agent, phone number, and address, and the active date of the policy you have.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Difference in Life and Health Insurance

Perhaps globally life and health insurance has a modest difference. For example, health insurance protects you financially from illness, while life insurance protects you financially if you die from any cause. However, it is not as simple as that. If detailed there are many different life and health insurance that may not everyone knows. Therefore, through this article will be discussed the difference in life and health insurance that you need to know. Life insurance itself has some protection that is still widely unknown. Here are some points. Life insurance will provide protection against the risk of death based on the selected premium and of course the agreement set in the policy and signed by both parties. You as a customer and one more life insurance company related. For the premium price will usually be determined by the number of someone's age.

The older, the premium money is getting higher and vice versa. Life insurance protection can be beneficial to surviving families, who will be financially affected if the policyholder dies. This means that insurance benefits are actually felt not by the insured directly, but the family left behind. In this case the listed heirs are dipolis. Sum assured can not be paid for two things. First, if it violates the terms of the policy, for example, conduct a suicide attempt. Secondly, the protection is not given because it includes exceptions, such as doing dangerous sports or jobs that have a big risk. Read: Various Kinds of Insurance Based on The Object

If the above has explained the benefits to be provided if you have life insurance, the following will explain what benefits will be provided. Health insurance will guarantee health care costs. Benefits ranging from outpatient, inpatient, to surgery, according to policy terms that have been agreed previously. In contrast to life insurance, for health insurance is felt by the insured person listed in the policy. So only the policyholder will get some reimbursement if he is sick. Unless the policyholder adds the coverage, ie the child and wife in the policy. The premium price usually depends on the health history of the insured. If when the health check found a high risk of illness, the cost of the premium was higher. Sum assured can not be paid for two things.

First, if it violates the terms of the policy, such as hiding a particular illness history. Second, protection is not given because it includes exceptions, such as critical illness such as heart or cancer. No one can predict when you will get sick because it's all the will of the Almighty. However, there are other ways you can do to anticipate if it happens, ie protect with health insurance. If you are aware that health has the highest ranking in life, surely you already have health insurance. Read: Life and Health Insurance by Experts

In addition to individuals, health insurance also has several product offerings in retail and package. Well, this package is perfect for you who are married. So, with just one health insurance, you can protect your wife / husband and child. If you have seen the health insurance package system for this family will provide a premium cost much more expensive than perorang. However, this is proportional to the number of people who get protection. If you are interested and want to have travel insurance for the family, there are some things to note, especially about the protection provided. Then, what are the benefits that can be provided by family health insurance package?

Limits on Protection Value, The health insurance package system for this family usually protects around 4-5 people in one family, namely father, mother, and two children. Although this package system guarantees all members, but usually has limited protection value of the customized package offered. For example if there are other members who will be added for example because the child is more than two, there will be a recalculation that adds premium value.

Maximum Shelf Limiting System, In addition to having a protection value limit, this family health insurance package also has a different protection system with health insurance for individuals. This distinction is evident from the unequal limit of protection values. For example for individual health insurance is given coverage amount of Rp200 million. Nominal is certainly used for one person only. However, if the health insurance package for the family, that nominal will certainly be used by all members of your family included in the package.

There are advantages and disadvantages of family health insurance package. However, all that back again to you as a customer who wants to have protection. If you are married and make your family your most precious treasure, surely you will not be selfish to protect yourself, but also invite members to be covered by a family health insurance package.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Various Kinds of Insurance Based on The Object

Various kinds of insurance based on the object in the little bit we will discuss in this article, there are so many now various types of insurance popping out but in general we can know in general there are any kind of insurance - kind of available today. Talking about the kinds of insurance of course each - each object has an important role for us in terms of preparing for the future in order to stay awake from the difficulties facing things that can not be guessed what will happen whether it be an accident, fire and so forth. To discuss the various - kind of insurance we can not finish in a short time even more so to understand it in detail only in the form of simple articles like this, but so we are not blind at all knowledge about the kinds - insurance kind of harmless we know first glance in public in order to assist in determining the choice of which association we need. Based on what we learn from the most - the kind of insurance that most phenomenal and many in need by the community are as follows:

First: Health Insurance
Health insurance is a type of product or program that is offered to provide health insurance both cost and care for members who have been registered in the health insurance program. Of the many developers of the insurance program of course they also provide health insurance packages in accordance with the provisions that have been determined by each - each insurance provider. Read: What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

Second: Business Insurance
Business Insurance is a program of a developer to provide assistance or guarantees to a businessman who has registered in an insurance program for a business, in this case the business insurance aims to provide full or complete consent of the provider to various business risks that occur in the future such as such as Fire, Business Interruption, Theft, Employees' Compensation, Loss of Money, Employee Honesty, Glass Split & Neon Sign, Electronic Equipment, Public Law, Group Accident and Other Responsibilities in Member Business.

Third: Vehicle Insurance (car insurance, Motor etc.)
Vehicle insurance or more phenomenal is the car insurance where for this right the role of insurance itself provides a guarantee against the risks that occur with your vehicle, both in terms of expensive service costs, the existence of vehicle accidents, the criminal action against your vehicle, whether lost and so forth . By insuring your vehicle then when something unexpected happens you can transfer your losses to the insurance company that you follow. Of course also this transfer based on what you choose from the vehicle insurance program, whether all risk or the other according to the agreement.

Fourth: Home or Property Insurance
Home or other property insurance serves to prepare your property asset for various risks, whether it be fire, theft, damage, or because of the age that causes it is not feasible in habitation and various protection of your house or property. By registering in the home or property insurance program you do not have to worry about all the big costs or the risk of disaster to keep your home asset, because the insurance will guarantee it all physical abik or all the existing furniture.

Fifth: Education Insurance
Insurance education becomes mandatory in our opinion to note especially as a father or mother, this is to prepare the cost of education of our children later, we do not know whether the future cost of education will be more expensive or not. Not yet we can not guarantee whether till the old days of life and our work will remain lancer continue. Therefore, by joining the education insurance program will be very helpful later on in terms of all tuition of children's education in the future.

Sixth: Life Insurance
Life or life insurance is very often we hear. This insurance is important to prepare ourselves against the risks that occur to our own soul either death or so on. By following this life insurance we will provide relief for the people - people we care about both wife, husband, children, father, mother etc. When we are gone and can no longer provide the best for them then with this life insurance we have provided assistance to their lives even though we are gone, from the side of life insurance companies that we follow will provide a guarantee of their life needs. Read: Term Life Insurance Benefits

Seventh: Travel Insurance
Travel insurance based on the object serves to ensure all related to your trip either vacation usually travel service providers are many who use this insurance service to ensure the safety of their service users. For those of you travel service owners or as users of travel services to follow travel insurance will be very useful to ensure health, life insurance, accidents and other forms of risk that occur during your trip.Demikian general discussion about the types of insurance that we can share for you in this article, of course we realize how this explanation still many kekuragannya and if you find errors in this discussion we will be very happy if you are willing to provide criticism or improvement via comment below this paper.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

What You Need To Know About Health Insurance

Health insurance is an product that is intended to protect its users from various health-related risks. The benefits provide benefits when the insured is in a state of illness or accident and should be hospitalized. Health insurance is now available in many options. From start to inpatient cost protection to post-hospitalization cost protection are all available for purchase. In fact, if you want some insurance products now also provide a cost guarantee for the birth process. Both the cost of childbirth as well as the cost of labor by cesarean section.

Just like any other insurance product, to be able to get health insurance the insured party is required to pay premiums on a regular basis. The amount of its own premium depends on many things. Like the health condition of the insured when registering the insurance, the completeness of benefits desired by the insured. So is the level of occupational risk that the insured, and so forth. Read: 4 Types of Insurance Important for Your Family

Why is Health Insurance Important? Until now there are still many people who think that health insurance is not too important. Why? Because believe it, health insurance is really - very important. The question is, why health insurance is important? To answer it, let's make a permisalan. Try to imagine with your current financial condition, suddenly you have an accident on the way. Then require you to undergo hospitalization for more than a week.

Well, roughly whether you are not burdened with all the hospital fees? Especially if in the hospital you have to undergo surgical procedures that cost enormous. Here is the role of health insurance products. By having health insurance, you will not have to worry about the impact of health risks in the future. Yes, even if all these conditions do not happen to you then will not get any benefits at all. However, the overall benefits that you will get from health insurance products tend to be much greater. Benefits of Buying a Health Insurance Policy. Here are some benefits that you will get if you buy / have a health insurance policy:

By buying a health insurance policy, will not need to bother your family when having an accident or any disease. So it must be hospitalized. The health insurance will guarantee all / part of the cost of the hospitalization. By having a health insurance policy, you do not have to think about the rises that occur in health costs. So also with the cost of hospitalization in the hospital. For your information, the current average cost of healthcare in USA is in the range of 10 to 15 percent per year. This figure is far greater than the annual rate of increase in salary which only ranges from 5 to 7 percent. Read: The Importance Of Life Insurance

The sooner you apply for an insurance policy, the cheaper the premium fee you have to pay. Why? The older the age of a person, the more vulnerable he is also against the attacks of diseases, such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood, and others. Health insurance is now using the cashless system, so that when going to hospital no need to bother providing personal money. Rather it is only necessary to carry your insurance policy card. The current health insurance majority can be used. Especially in all the official hospitals in USA as well as abroad. If later the hospital you use does not accept cashless system, then you can still use the facility reimbursement). Health insurance can also be classified into several types / groups. Overall, the types of health insurance available in USA are as follows:

By Type of Treatment, Based on the type of care covered, health insurance can be divided into two types, namely: Medical Insurance Inpatient - This insurance is an product that only covers the cost of hospitalization alone. In the world, this type is known as in-patient treathment. Outpatient Health Insurance - in contrast to previous insurance. This one product only covers the cost of care outside the cost of hospitalization. Some of the cost items covered by the cost of diagnosis, rehabilitation costs, medical expenses, and others. In the world, this type of health insurance is known as out-patient treathment.

In his practice, some of his ordinary products already helped cover the two types of insurance in However, insurance products like this usually have a premium that is somewhat more expensive.Based on participationBased on its participation, health insurance products can be divided into two groups, namely: Compulsory Insurance - this products are usually owned by employees of companies or employees government. In practice, the holder of this health insurance policy will usually be forced (even without the knowledge) to pay premiums on a regular basis. Based on the salary received every month. Voluntary Insurance - in contrast to compulsory whose ownership is necessarily and coercive. For categories of ownership of voluntary health insurance tends to be waived to everyone.

Ordinary people who have this type of insurance are those who are truly aware of the importance of health insurance products. Based on the Cost UnderwrittenBased on the costs borne by the insurance company, health insurance can be classified into two groups, namely: Health Insurance with Total Deposit - this ordinary type of health will bear all the health costs of the insured. From the start of the cost of hospitalization to the cost of outpatient all will be covered by the company. Of course with the amount of value in accordance with the contract stated in the insurance policy. Health Insurance with High Dependent Only - this type of health insurance cover only the cost of treatment is considered large only.

Like inpatient costs, operating expenses, etc. For small fees such as diagnostic fees, advanced inspection fees, etc. It should be paid by the insured personally.Based on the Insured PersonBased on the parties covered, health products can be classified into two types: Personal Health Insurance Products - health insurance products this only provides health risk protection benefits for one person only. This is in accordance with the provisions applicable in his insurance policy. Group Health Insurance Products - such as his own name, product can provide health risk protection for certain groups. This type of insurance is usually used by companies and families. In practice, although the group health insurance products can provide wider protection. However, if calculated in total then the amount of premium costs to be incurred tend to be much cheaper.

Type of Cost Reimbursement in Health Insurance Currently there are two cost reimbursement mechanisms applied by health insurance products providers. The two cost-recovery mechanisms are as follows: Cashless The usual cashless reimbursement mechanism will be run directly without the need to use the insured's personal money first. To use the cashless replacement method. The insured party only needs to show her health insurance membership card to the hospital. Later on, the hospital will file a claim fee to the insurance company you use. Reimbursment In the reimburse cost reimbursement mechanism. The insured person will then have to pay their maintenance fee first (using the insured's personal money). Then it is replaced by a health insurance company. To submit a claim for reimbursement of medical expenses, the insured party must include various document requirements and evidence documents from the hospital.

Overall cashless replacement mechanisms tend to be much more practical and also more profitable for the insured. Unfortunately, cashless reimbursement mechanisms can only be used in hospitals that have cooperated with insurance companies only. Conversely, reimbursment fees can be used for treatment to all the official hospitals that exist around the world. As long as you can complete the requirements documents requested by the company. As the cost of your treatment will be borne by the insurance company. In practice, if the type of insurance you use is a type of insurance with cahsless replacement system. So would not want, if you want your medical expenses borne by the company. Instead, you should seek treatment at a hospital that works with the insurance company you use. If you are treated at a hospital that does not cooperate with the company where you purchased the insurance.

So, the cost of treatment you have your own responsibility to use your personal money. To facilitate the users of insurance products. Currently, several insurance companies have provided many insurance products with double cost reimbursement system. By using this type of insurance, if the insured party in the hospital treatment in cooperation with the company. So, they can implement a cashless replacement system. However, if they are hospitalized for treatment that is not working with the company where they buy insurance. Thus, they can implement reimburshment reimbursement system.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

4 Types of Insurance Important for Your Family

Currently health insurance has become an important part in the family. Therefore, the benefits provided health insurance would be very helpful, especially financially. For example, suddenly your child is sick and should be hospitalized. For those who do not have savings, health insurance certainly be a very appropriate helper. You can provide the best care for your child without having to think about the cost because it was covered by the insurance company. However, you need to know, in fact not only health insurance that should be owned by you and your family, apparently, there are 4 other types of insurance is no less important than health insurance. Here are 4 important types of insurance for your family.

Accident insurance, Accident insurance is one of the important insurance for the family. You will never know when the accident accident came. However, there is nothing wrong if you already have anticipation of unexpected events. So if you or one of the families have an accident, all of it will be automatically covered from accident insurance. Starting from the cost of care, permanent disability, treatment, even the risk of death. Read: The Difference in Life and Health Insurance

Education insurance, For type insurance, you should have prepared before having baby. For example, since you get married, you can have this insurance. Because, you never know when given a child by God. Can be fast or can be long. How would it be if your child still had to pay for Education while you were already pensuin? Of course the function of this insurance Education one of them cover such problems. You do not have to be afraid of not being able to provide high education to children, because there is an education insurance that can guarantee your child's education.

Travel Insurance, Surely you and your family already have plans for a vacation together right? In order for your vacation to stay comfortable and safe, it is strongly recommended that you and your family purchase travel insurance. There are many benefits you can get in the event of unexpected risks, such as providing death benefits, loss of limbs, or total paralysis due to accidents that occur during the trip. This insurance will also compensate for any delay in departure, baggage loss, pickup resulting in lost documents and money. Read: Life Insurance Function for Policy Holder

Car insurance, Maybe the car becomes one of the vehicles you have. If you have a car, it is advisable to protect your car and yourself with car insurance. This insurance is a solution to keep your car in a healthy and comfortable state. Especially if you live in a city with a lot of population, does not close the possibility of your car suffered abrasions due to scratches with other vehicles or could have an accident. Not to mention the cost you have to spend on the car service. Unimaginable? Therefore, you should buy car insurance that clearly provides protection for your car.

Health insurance is the best protection many people choose. For health insurance is one product that provides specific benefits of one's personal protection in terms of cost. For example if you as a customer of one health insurance company, then you have to be hospitalized because of illness, the costs to be incurred during the hospital, be it about hospitalization, drugs, and doctors will be covered by the insurance company.

Of course you agree if the cost of health is more expensive. Starting from the cost of the hospital, pay the doctor, until the drugs. Surely it will make you dizzy if you do not have more money or guarantees that can cover it all. This problem will not you feel again if you have health insurance because all the constraints will be borne by the insurance company in accordance with the agreement already made. Here are the benefits that you should know and can be obtained as a participant of health insurance:

The benefits of hospitalization is one of the benefits that you will definitely get. If you already have health insurance, of course all hospital costs and treatment due to illness or accident, all will be covered by health insurance. However, every insurance product has a ceiling or limit for the amount of hospitalization costs borne by the company. All this is based on the premium you paid.

In addition to guaranteeing medical expenses in hospitals, health insurance also provides outpatient benefits for you just to seek treatment at the hospital, but not running hospitalization. These outpatient benefits consist of general doctor consultation fees, drug costs, specialist doctors, and laboratory costs. Outpatient benefits may include immunization, medical check up, and family planning. However, for the last three benefits the premium is usually higher.

Health insurance also has special benefits of labor. However, it should be known not all insurance products that provide this manfat, of course depends on the product jensi taken. This benefit is for women who want to give birth normally or caesar. These benefits you can take as needed. Therefore, these benefits include additional insurance benefits or riders. If you already have children and have done family planning, of course this benefit does not need to be taken.

Selaian medication needs, replacement glasses can also be obtained from this insurance. this benefit is usually obtained only once a year. The existence of this benefit also greatly ease the customers who need the help of glasses for sight.

The benefits of dental care are also part of the added benefit of health insurance. Not all provide these benefits, depending on the premium you choose. The benefits of dental care are generally limited only by medical treatment such as patching cavities, cleaning tartar or teeth. For braces installation is generally not guaranteed.